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Intro to Handlining

Guide to Hand Line Fishing

1. Basic Handline Tackle Setup

Get started by exploring the features of your Daggerfish handline, and see how to set up the included tackle for your first fishing trip.

2. Handline-Style Fly Fishing

Fly fishing with a handline is easy with the use of a casting bubble. Learn how to set up a Daggerfish Streamer Kit or other fly fishing gear for handline-style fly fishing.

3. Three Methods for Casting a Handline

Casting is one of the most fun parts of handline fishing, and this article covers three different handline casting methods - the Flick, the Toss, and the Whip.

4. Reeling a Handline and Setting the Hook

A handline has no moving parts or mechanical components, so reeling is done entirely by hand. While many novice handliners are concerned about reeling in by hand, using a handline with proper technique is easy and completely safe. Here's how to reel a handline and set a hook.

5. Stowing Tackle And Securing Line on your Handline

How to pack up your tackle and secure your handline for traveling between fishing sites, or when heading home at the end of the day.

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