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Using your Mitten Scissors

View Daggerfish Mitten Scissors here.
Daggerfish Mitten Scissors

Mitten scissors are a versatile tool for spin fishing, fly fishing, and hand line fishing. Combining a pair of forceps with line cutters and able to be used one-handed (even while wearing mittens), these are an angler's secret weapon. Here's how to use yours:

1. Attach the holster to a belt or strap.

Unsnap two of the brass snaps on the back of your mitten scissors, and insert the square belt patch behind a belt, pack strap, or wader strap. Realign the snaps and press firmly to lock in place.

Mitten scissor holster using the Daggerfish Strap Snap system
Attaching mitten scissors to a belt
Attaching mitten scissors to a belt using the strap snap system
Mitten scissors carried horizontally on a belt

Your holster can be positioned horizontally or vertically on any strap up to 1.5" wide.

Mitten scissors carried vertically on a belt
Mitten scissors carried vertically on a wader strap

2. Remove from the holster and squeeze to open.

Unloop the leather tag from your mitten scissors and pull them from your holster. Hold the scissors in the middle of your palm and squeeze with one hand to pop them open. Once released, the spring will hold the jaws open. Squeeze until you hear a click to lock the scissors together again

Removing mitten scissors from a holster on belt
Squeeze mitten scissors to open or lock closed
Mitten scissors are spring loaded, so you can use them with one hand

3. Use as scissors, pliers, and more.

Your mitten scissors can be used to cut fishing line, squeeze sinkers, and remove hooks from fish. A small barb inside the jaws is useful for cleaning hook eyelets as well. The jaws can be locked together when holding a hook to help when tying a the hook to a line.  

Cutting fishing line with mitten scissors
Squeezing a split shot sinker with mitten scissors
Cleaning the eyelet of a hook using mitten scissors

4. Holster your scissors for easy access, or secure them when moving.

Use the leather strap to help keep your mitten scissors in their holster when moving. After inserting the scissors in their holster, loop the cord around the jaws, then tuck the cord under itself to hold your scissors in place. 

(Note: Mitten scissors have been removed from a belt in these photos for clarity, but this process can be performed while attached to a belt or strap.) 

Securing Daggerfish Mittsn Scissors in a a holster
Securing Daggerfish Mittsn Scissors using a leather cord
Mitten scissors secured in holster
Mitten scissors carried securely on belt


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