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Founded by the son of a National Park Ranger, Daggerfish makes handcrafted equipment to help you connect to the wilderness with confidence and calm.

Wilderness essentials, handcrafted for a lifetime.

Born in the National Parks

As a kid, I was lucky enough to grow up in several of the National Parks around the country. My dad was a park ranger, and so my family lived in some of the last wild places in the country. I grew up spending my summers camping, hiking, canoeing, and fishing with my dad and brother.

Learning to be comfortable in the woods gave me a kind of freedom that I’d like to help you find in your life as well. I started Daggerfish to create beautiful, unique, and exceptionally crafted products to help others connect to the wilderness.

We focus on minimalist design, natural materials, and quality craftsmanship, and we stand behind all our products with our For A Lifetime Guarantee. I hope you enjoy our work, and that it helps you venture out with confidence and calm.

See you out there,

-Adam Nelson
Founder & Craftsman, Daggerfish

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