Adam Nelson, Daggerfish Gear Founder

I’m Adam, founder of Daggerfish, and I grew up in the National Parks. My dad was a Park Ranger, and so my family lived in and around some of the most wild places in the country. As a kid, I’d often go fishing with my dad and my younger brother, but I was always the one who’d get bored and wander off into the forest. For me, the woods were meant for exploring, and I grew to love the pleasure of breathing fresh air and carrying everything you need on your back, in your canoe, or on your bike.

For a while after college, I lost contact with the wild places. Like a lot of people, I spent too much time with computer screens and not enough time with rocks and trees. As the stress of modern life made me the same kind of low-level crazy that it makes everyone else, I found myself returning to the forest. I discovered for myself that nothing restores one’s humanity better than the morning mist over a river, the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind, and the low, soft call of a bird in the distance.

We can’t escape from the modern world, of course. I rely on electricity, industrial machinery, the Internet, international trade, and hundreds of other invisible components of infrastructure just to run this business. But for me, and others I know, there is a part of ourselves that we meet each time we venture into the woods. And cultivating that part of ourselves is why we return, again and again.

As a kid, I didn’t really appreciate the incredible fortune of growing up in some of the last wild places in the country, and the skills that a childhood spent in the woods will teach you. As an adult, I’ve seen how living disconnected from the wilderness makes us incomplete, and how returning to it builds resilience, courage, and calm.

I believe in the importance of being a human animal, and I make tools and equipment to help people increase their feeling of versatility, competence, and comfort in nature. Please, take my tools to the woods. Use them to live deliberately. Take care of the ecosystems that nourish us. And take care of yourself.

See you out there.

-Adam Nelson
Daggerfish Creator