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Campfire Grill

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Don't suffer through flavorless food on your next camping trip. The Campfire Grill is a lightweight, flat-pack grill system that lets you be a backcountry gourmet on solo trips or extended family campouts. 

Made from restaurant-grade stainless steel and featuring a unique flat-stackable design, the Campfire Grill makes it easy to grill meat & vegetables, boil water and more over your campfire. Save over 20% with pre-built Adventure and Expedition packs, or shop for individual components here

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The Campfire Grill comes in two pre-built packs, designed to support different group sizes and cooking options. Choose the pack that best fits your next camping trip, or shop for individual components here.

The Adventure Pack includes:

  • 1 grill tray,
  • 1 set of legs,
  • 1 Backcountry Cutting Board,
  • 1 pair of Trail Tongs,
  • 1 storage bag.

The Expedition Pack includes

  • 2 grill trays,
  • 2 sets of legs,
  • 2 Backcountry Cutting Board,
  • 2 pairs of Trail Tongs,
  • 1 storage bag.

Technical Details

Weights, Materials and Measurements

  • Grill Tray (7 oz): 304 Stainless Steel,  11.5"(l) x 5"(w) x 0.5"(h)
  • Lifter Legs (2.25 oz each); 304 Stainless Steel,  5"(l) x 5"(w) x 0.5"(h)
  • Cutting Board (6 oz); Hardwood,  4.125"(l) x 10.5"(w) x 0.25"(h)
  • Trail Tongs (<1 oz); Stainless steel, hardwood, silicone rubber,  9"(l)
  • Storage Bag (<1 oz); Cotton, 6.5"(l) x 12.5"(w)

Complete Pack Weights

  • Adventure Pack: 18 oz
  • Expedition Pack: 36 oz


Once removed from heat, the Campfire Grill will cool to the touch in roughly 5 minutes. Avoid using water to cool the grill before this point.  

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See the Grill in Action

Check out a sample recipe for Campsite Kabobs, or watch the original Campfire Grill Kickstarter video.

About the Campfire Grill System

Lightweight, strong, and versatile, this modular, flat-pack grilling system scales up and down to go with you on every trip. See how it works:

Grill meats, veggies, and more

The Campfire Grill makes it easy to grill meat, vegetables and more over the coals from your campfire. The angled edges not only add strength, they also turn every grill into a grill basket, keeping your food from falling into the fire.

Boil water in a flash 

Camping with a grill lets you cook more than just meat and veggies. Use the grill as a pot stand and combine freshly grilled food with pastas, rice, soups and more.

Make stew for the crew

The angled edges of the grill work like miniature i-beams, creating a strong and rigid structure while reducing weight. The grill tray weighs only 7 ounces, but can support over 20 pounds! 

This strength lets you use the Campfire Grill as a stand for a Dutch oven or other heavy pot, so you can grill meat, sauté vegetables, and combine everything together to cook a meal for a crowd.

Pack it flat

Every part of the grill nests together, so whether you’re carrying one grill or several, they'll pack flat and won’t take up any extra space in your pack. This lets you mix and match different parts of the grill, so you're always carrying exactly the right amount of gear for your trip.

Going on a solo backpacking trip? 
Take the grill tray alone and set it up using natural materials like logs and rocks.

Out for the weekend? 
Bring the grill tray, legs, and accessories to create a versatile kitchen for gourmet backcountry meals.

Cooking for a big group? 
Bring a second grill kit to roast more food at once, cook up a pot of chili, or both.

Go gourmet with accessories

Use the Backcountry Cutting Board to cut and prep food for the grill, or as a serving platter when everything is ready. Every Backcountry Cutting Board board is handcrafted from abundant US hardwood, packs flat inside of the grill tray, and weighs only 6 ounces. 

During cooking, the multipurpose Trail Tongs can be used as barbecue skewers or combined with our wooden adapter to become a set of versatile grilling tongs. These tongs are perfect for moving hot coals or flipping meat and vegetables as they cook. 

When the food's ready, the tongs convert into a set of ultralight stainless steel chopsticks, perfect for eating your campsite feast. 

Learn More

For more information about the use and care for your Campfire Grill, check out our Grill Guide here.

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