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Using your Fly Wallet

View the Daggerfish Fly Wallet here.
Daggerfish Fly Wallet

The Daggerfish Fly Wallet is a tackle box on your belt, perfectly sized for a day of fly fishing with a handline or a fly rod. Here's how to use it:

1. Choose flies and add them to your wallet

Your Fly Wallet has space for over 50 flies. You can use the horizontal and vertical cutouts in the rubber to help organize your flies by type and size.  

Daggerfish Fly Wallet has space for over 50 flies
Organizing flies vertically in the fly wallet
Use the cutouts in the fly wallet rubber to help orgnaize your flies
Organizing flies horizontally in the fly wallet

2. Attach the Fly Wallet to a belt or strap

Unsnap two of the brass snaps on the back of your wallet and slip the square belt patch over a belt, pack strap, or wader. Realign the snaps and press firmly to attach.

The Daggerfish Fly Wallet

The Strap Snap System on the back of your fly wallet makes it easy to carry on a belt or wader strap
The Fly Wallet can be carried on a pack strap or wader strapInsert the belt patch behind a belt
Snap the brass snaps together to lock the fly wallet in place

3. Open the wallet and select your flies

Grab the leather tab at the top of the wallet to open and select your flies. Pull gently to remove the flies gently from the rubber pad. You can leave your fly wallet open for easy access, or snap it closed to for a clean look.

Unsnap the fly wallet for easy access to your flies
Pull flies gently from the rubber to use

And remember, your Fly Wallet isn't limited to flies. The soft rubber can be used to store and organize any standard hook, jig head, or other lure.

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