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2. Handline-Style Fly Fishing

View Daggerfish Handlines and Accessories here.

Fly fishing with a handline is an great option for areas where only artificial lures are permitted. Since handlines don't have a rod, we can use a casting bubble like the one in the Daggerfish Streamer Kit

Follow these basic steps below to set up your Streamer Kit, or any other combination of a casting bubble and fly.

Thread your casting bubble on the line

The Streamer Kit includes a 3/16oz A-Just-A-Bubble casting bubble, which works similar to a slip bobber. Slide the casting bubble onto your line with the narrow end pointed toward the reel. If your line isn't emerging from the opposite end of the bubble, spin the line with your fingers to help guide it through.

Threading an A-Just-A-Bubble casting bubble onto a Daggerfish Handreel

Lock your casting bubble in place

Once your line is completely through the bubble, slide about two feet of line through and lock the bubble around the line. Grab the plug attached to the surgical tubing at the top of the bubble and pull it out gently, then rotate it and the body of the casting bubble to create a twist in the surgical tubing to lock it in place. The exact position of your casting bubble can be adjusted later.

Locking an A-Just-A-Bubble casting bubble in place for handline-style fly fishing

Tie on a fly

Next, choose a fly and tie it onto the end of your line. The Daggerfish Streamer Kit includes three excellent general purpose flies, but many fly styles will work for handline fishing. Streamers and wet flies are recommended to start.

The Daggerfish All-Season Streamer Kit includes a Wooly Bugger, Muddler Minnow, and a Zonker fly

Tie your fly on using an improved clinch knot, and snip away any excess line with nippers or a pair of mitten scissors.

Tie on a streamer after threading your casting bubble
Using an improved clinch knot to attach a Muddler Minnow fly to a Daggerfish Handline

Adjust the depth of your setup

Adjust the distance between your casting bubble and fly by untwisting the surgical tubing, then twisting again to resecure it.

A basic handline-style fly fishign setup

Casting Flies with a Handline

The weight added by the casting bubble makes the Flick, Toss, and Whip casts very easy. Because of this, a casting bubble is a highly recommended accessory for handlining, whether you use it for fly fishing or not. You can review handline casting methods in this article.

To get even greater casting distances, add a bit of water to your casting bubble before locking it in place.

Increase the weight of your casting bubble by adding a bit of water

When finished, your casting bubble can be stored in the handle of your handline. 

The 3/16 oz A-Just-A-Bubble casting bubble fits perfectly in the handle of the Daggerfish Handreel

You can store many varieties of flies in a Daggerfish Fly Wallet or a fly box, and a small number of flies can also be carried inside the reel storage compartment of your handline. 

The Daggerfish Fly Wallet can be used to carry lots of flies for fly fishing or handline fishing

If you don't have a fly wallet, a small number of flies can be stored inside your Daggerfish Handreel

Now that we've covered handline style fly fishing, you can learn more informaiton about casting a handline and storing your tackle.

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