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How to Daggerfish

Beyond the Basics Part 2: Fly Fishing with your Daggerfish

Fly fishing with the Daggerfish is both possible and effective, and actually makes for a great way to get started fly fishing for beginners. Learn how to modify a wide variety of fly fishing gear and techniques to work with the Daggerfish Handreel.

Beyond the Basics Part 1: Spin Fishing with your Daggerfish

Learn to use the Daggerfish for spin fishing, with just a slight adjustment to your tackle and technique. In this article we get the top tips from my brother Evan, who's been fishing for over twenty five years.

The Basics: Fishing with the Daggerfish, Straight Out of the Box

The Daggerfish is a wonderful way to get started fishing, in part because you can take it out of the box and begin fishing immediately. Without buying any additional tackle, you can use the Daggerfish to fish in almost any lake, stream, or pond. Let’s see how.
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