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Couch-2-Campsite #4 Better Living Through Knots

Learn to tie the only five knots you'll need for camping, backpacking and bushcraft.

Couch-2-Campsite #3: How To Boil Water

Water + heat + time = boiling. The source of the heat doesn't matter, and once you can boil water, you can eat and drink safely in the backcountry.

Couch-2-Campsite #2: The Only Fire You Need to Know

Learn to build the Lean-to fire, the easiest, fastest, and most reliable method of building a fire at your campsite.

Couch-2-Campsite #1: Why Should You Go Into The Woods?

For thousands of years, human beings have been outside. Our ability to be in nature hasn’t changed in millennia, but when the conveniences of modern life make it so easy not to, why should we go into the woods?

C2C #0: Why Now Is The Best Time To Learn To Camp

If you’ve recently discovered how much fun it can be to get outside, but you’re not sure where to go next, this series is for you.
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