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Christmas Gifts for Fishermen - Gifts for Men - Gifts for Dad

Christmas Gifts for Fishermen

It’s the holiday season, offering the perfect opportunity to give a loved one a valuable present that is versatile, useful, and practical. For nature lovers of all kinds, Daggerfish gear has some of the best affordable tools available. If you’re an avid outdoor sports person yourself, make a wishlist and pass it along to your loved ones. Here are some of our favorite products on sale for fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts, and survivalists. 

Christmas Gifts for Fishermen

Daggerfish Handreels - 100% American Made and Guaranteed For Life

Daggerfish Hand Reel - $45.00

When backpack fishing, it’s important to be prepared for anything. Having a reliable fishing rod can be essential for survival. Daggerfish gear offers three different types of hand reels for fishermen: sugar maple, wild cherry, and black walnut. Each kit contains all the essentials one might need: 

  • 30 yards of 6-lb copolymer fishing line 
  • Lead-free tackle kit
  • A wooden hand reel with 3.8 cubic inches of built-in storage space

Streamline Essentials Kit - $90.00

First-timer? Veteran survivalist? No matter how much experience you or your loved one may have, having the essentials can be crucial when fishing in the backcountry. Lightweight, travel-sized, and convenient, our streamline essentials kit features everything one needs for a backpack fishing trip. This kit includes:

  • Wild cherry hand reel 
  • Bait and tackle kit (included with hand reel)
  • Streamline fly wallet for extra lures
  • Streamline sheath to carry your hand reel

Catch and Cook Kit - $145.00

There’s no better feeling than catching a fresh fish and cooking it in the heart of the wilderness! Whether you’re going for a solo adventure, a weekend getaway with friends, or a camping trip, having a cooking kit allows outdoor enthusiasts to prepare meals from anywhere. Our compact, backpacking survival fishing kit has everything one may need for an outdoor escape. Our catch and cook kit includes the following:

Gifts for Men

Streamline Deluxe Fishing Kit - Christmas Gifts for Men - Daggerfish Gear Handreels

Streamline Essentials Deluxe Kit - $125.00

Give the ultimate outdoor present with our streamline deluxe kit! Combining everything from our streamline series, this portable kit provides everything an angler may need. Ready for any backpacking trip or bushcrafters, this reliable kit is the perfect resource for avid fishermen. Our streamline essentials deluxe kit features:

  • Black walnut hand reel 
  • Bait and tackle kit (included with hand reel)
  • A pair of surgical steel mitten scissors with a streamline holster,
  • Streamline fly wallet to carry extra lures
  • Streamline sheath to carry your hand reel

Daggerfish Gear - Pack and Provision Kit - Camping Food Storage Bags Kit

Pack and Provision Kit - $125.00

Made from food-grade waxed canvas and double-sealed seams, these pouches include a waterproof, roll-top closure that protects food and gear. Ranging in colors and sizes, gift givers can choose a pouch that best fits their loved one’s needs. Capable of organizing all sorts of camping gear, our pack and provision kits come with nine bags and nearly 20 liters of combined storage. Examples of these include:

  • A set of 3 golden honey field pouches (S/M/L)
  • A set of 3 forest brown field pouches (S/M/L)
  • A set of 3 charcoal gray field pouches (S/M/L)

Gifts for Dad

Streamline Fly Wallet - $30.00

Give your dad the perfect gift with our streamline fly wallet! This handy little tool is small enough to fit in a pocket while carrying essential fishing gear. In fact, it’s capable of holding over 40 different flies, hooks, and lures. With that in mind, our streamline fly wallet is essentially a tackle box on a belt! A great accessory for hikers or backpackers, this useful wallet is perfect for all kinds of fishing adventures.

Gather Sack - $65.00

Is your dad a foraging enthusiast? Give him the perfect place to store edible, wilderness food with our gather sack! Made from full grain leather and lightweight waxed canvas, the gather sack is collapsible and expands up to 3 liters of goods. Whether your dad likes to forage for mushrooms, berries, or herbs, our gather sack is capable of carrying all of it!

Gifts for Outdoorsmen

Wood and Steel Blanket Tie - $25.00

When going against the elements, it’s important to be prepared for anything. Our wood and steel blanket ties allows users to turn their blanket into a layer for early mornings or brisk evening strolls through the wilderness. Convenient, resourceful, and innovative, this tie is easy to use and simple to store away when it’s not needed. 

Magnetic Fly Wallet - $140.00

With our magnetic fly wallet, anglers no longer have to worry about where or how they store their gear. Made from natural wool and containing two powerful magnets, this functional wallet can hold your most important fishing gear all in one place. Easy to store and capable of being carried on the side of hiking gear, our magnetic fly wallet is extremely convenient for backcountry survivalists.
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