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The Kairos Collection of backpack fishing kits feature a wide variety of specialty

Where The Kairos Collection Comes From

Adam Nelson 
Founder of The Daggerfish Gear Co.

About the Kairos Collection

Starting the last weekend in October, we're releasing two new styles of Deluxe Handreels every week, covering nine different varieties of woods and finishes. 

These woods represent some of the most beautiful hardwoods in the United States, and the specialty finishes on reels like the Firebrand Beech require our highest degree of craftsmanship to get right.

These production runs are extremely limited, with as few as five models available for certain varieties. Each handreel is individually numbered with its place in the production run, and once they're sold out, they may never come back. 

Engraved on each handreel is the word kairos, the ancient Greek term for "the right moment."  The Greeks would use this word to refer to the moment when the arrow must be shot, or the shuttle passed through the loom, or the hook set to land the fish. 

You can't always predict when the right moment will come, but you do need to be ready to act when it does. 

An Ancient Idea for Modern Times

We chose kairos for this collection because we're at turning point in our company. 

Since we released the first Daggerfish a little over a year ago, we've weathered a pandemic, improved our design and production capabilities, and shifted from simply making things to making things that help people feel calm and confident, both in and out of the wilderness. 

It's definitely a little unusual to name your outdoor recreation products after an ancient Greek idea. But for us, being in nature is about more than breathing fresh air and sleeping on the ground. In a world full of distractions, it's where we can go to think our own thoughts. Why shouldn't we give ourselves something big to think about?

Tools for Thinking and Doing

What makes a good life? That's the question at the heart of it all.  The Kairos Collection is our invitation to grasp hold of the kind of life you want, to find the confidence and calm that comes from engaging with the world on your terms. And when making the choice to live a life that's better for you, the right moment is always now. 

It's our hope that this collection not only provides a simple and elegant way to get outside, but a ready excuse to disconnect from the challenges of modern living and find some peace and tranquility, alone or with a few good friends.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you're not alone. We invite you to join others like you by becoming a member of our email list. As a bonus, you'll also get access to each limited release in this collection a full day before they're available to the general public. 

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