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Fishing Tips and the Best Times To Go Fishing

Fishing Tips - The Best Time To Go Fishing

There are numerous factors that can affect fish behavior. So, knowing the best time to fish is absolutely essential if any angler wants to have a successful fishing trip. Anglers are always looking for tips and tricks to increase their chances of making a catch. We have provided some of the best expert tips to help you do exactly that:

Tips to Improve Your Fishing Success

1. Best Time to Go Fishing

If you are looking to time your fishing trip like a professional angler, then you need to make sure you pick a time when the fish are most likely to be in a biting mood.

The best time to go fishing is typically either early morning or late evening when food is abundant and fish naturally feed. Within an hour of sunrise and an hour after sunset are the times when fish are likely to bite the most. Fishing for some species of fish is much better at night than during the day.

Although it is possible to catch fish during daylight hours, fish are less likely to bite when the sun is at its apex. This is when fish prefer to retreat to cooler, deeper waters where they are less likely to be caught.


According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the best fishing is during the time between a new Moon and a full Moon. This year, these dates are:


9th - 23rd


8th - 22nd


6th - 20-th


6th - 20th


4th - 19th


4th - 18th


2. Fishing Seasons

It’s possible to catch fish in any season. However, there are definitely some techniques that will prove to be more successful than others depending on the time of year you choose to go fishing.


Due to cold temperatures and a lack of food, freshwater fish tend to slow down during the winter season. While catching fish is still very possible, you will have to carefully plan your timing to get fish to strike.

Skip the morning fishing outings during the winter months. With time enough for the sun to warm the waters up, midday and early afternoon fishing will be far more fruitful.


The warmer weather that spring brings causes life to stir. Fish are no different in this regard. Not only are many fish species coming out of a type of hibernation and are now ready to feast, many are preparing to spawn. Anglers can look forward to a ton of activity during springtime.

The best time to fish during the spring season is typically late afternoon to dusk.


Fish tend to be more active during the warm summer months. But this does not mean that they will be full of energy when it’s 100 degrees or more.

Summer mornings make for ideal fishing conditions. Waters can heat up quickly as the sun makes its way to its zenith, so be sure to get an early start before sunrise. As the sun sets around dusk, the fish will be ready to bite again.


While some may assume that summer is the best time to schedule a fishing trip, there are countless expert anglers that would argue the best time of year for fishing is during the autumn months.

With the changes of the leaves, temperatures tend to cool down. This may make the fish less active during early morning hours. However, the fish will be ready for a feeding frenzy later in the day. Fish are kind of like bears in the sense that they need to consume a certain amount of calories ahead of time to survive the coming winter. This means that you can expect plenty of catches during this season.

The best time to schedule your fishing trip in the fall is during the early afternoon hours.

For many people, fall brings rainy weather. Don’t let gloomy skies or the threat of rain keep you from fishing-- those weather conditions could just work in your favor.

3. Weather Factors

Weather conditions affect fish behavior. Here are some common weather conditions and what to expect if you choose to fish in them:

Calm and Sunny

Large fish are likely to retreat to deeper waters when the sun’s rays are out. If you choose to fish when the sun is shining, try fishing areas where there is shade and coverage available to fish seeking shelter from the hot sun.

Heavy Rain

If conditions are safe to fish in, heavy rains can yield phenomenal results. Aggressive fish tend to head toward shallower waters than they normally would in “nicer” weather conditions. Fish like pike and bass are more likely to be active during a good rain.

Cloudy, Overcast

The low lighting that clouds create mimic the lighting conditions of a typical sunrise or sunset in clear weather, which draws out big fish. Predatory fish, such as pike, will prowl the shallows and be ready to take your bait.

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