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Streamline Fly Wallet

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Looking to expand your options for backcountry fishing? The Streamline Fly Wallet is the answer. Small enough to fit in your pocket but versatile enough to carry over 40 different flies, lures, and hooks, the Streamline Fly Wallet is a tackle box on your belt.

Made from precision-cut full-grain leather and natural gum rubber, this minimalist fly wallet uses our two-way belt loop system, letting you carry it on your hip or backpack strap while hiking. Once you arrive, pop open the snap fasteners to make it a cinch to move to a convenient spot for fishing.

An excellent choice for hand line fishing and traditional fly fishing alike, the Streamline Fly Wallet gives you all the space you need to carry extra tackle into the wilderness.

Lures aren't included, but you can add on the new Daggerfish Streamer Kit, a fly fishing starter kit designed specifically for use with a handline.

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