In recent decades, outdoor exploration has been taken over by high-tech, precision-engineered equipment, often made from...plastic.

We take a different approach.

For thousands of years, our human ancestors have lived and worked in the outdoors using clothes and tools made from what was around them - plants, animals, and minerals.

We follow their example, and build our products with a focus on natural, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly components, including vegetable-tanned leather, abundant hardwoods, an all-natural finish and carbon-negative corks.

We design for maximal functionality with minimal weight, and relentlessly hone our production process so our products can be made by American craftsmen earning a good living, and sold at a fair price to our customers.

We stand behind our work with a lifetime guarantee - if a product of ours ever breaks, we’ll repair or replace it for you.

Using traditional materials and modern craftsmanship, we’re working to reinvent American manufacturing, building a company that supports a complete experience of nature, the livelihoods of our craftsmen, and the outdoors itself.