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Using your Foragers Bag

View the Daggerfish Collapsible Foragers Bag here.
Foraging for mushrooms with the Collapsible Foragers Bag

Perfect for wild plants, berries, mushrooms and more, the Collapsible Foragers Bag snaps onto a belt or backpack strap and unfolds to carry up to a liter of foraged food. Here's how to use it: 

Snap your Foragers Bag onto your belt

Unsnap two of the brass snaps on the back of your bag, and slip the square belt patch over a belt, cross body strap, or pack strap. Realign the snaps and press firmly to attach.

Collapsible Foragers Bag folded, front view
Unsnap two brass snaps on your Collapsible Foragers Bag to attach to a belt
Slide the belt patch behind a belt or strap to attach
Align snaps and press to close

Unfold your Foragers Bag and start Gathering

Once you find the food, tinder, or other items you're looking for, pop open the snaps on the front of your bag and unfold the canvas. Spread the top of the bag wide with your hands to make it easier to add items to your bag.

Opening the Collapsible Foragers Bag

Your Foragers Bag can be used for foraging plants, mushrooms, berries, and other forest food. Made from a food-grade waxed canvas, your bag is dirt and stain resistant.

Foraging for dandelion greens with a Collapsible Foragers Bag
Foraging for berries with a Collapsible Foragers Bag

Your Foragers Bag isn't limited to food. It's also great for collecting tinder for a fire, carrying a liter-sized water bottle (like a Nalgene), carrying dog treats or waste bags, or collecting other items while on a walk. 

Collecting tinder for a fire with the Collapsible Foragers Bag
The Collapsible Foragers Bag can be used to carry water bottles of up to a liter

Your bag can be lightly closed using the flip cover on the back of the bag. Simply flip the cover over the top of the bag to close it.

Lightly close the Collapsible Foragers Bag with the flip cover

If foraging for a lot of food food at once, you can line your bag with a thin liner (produce bags or dog bags work well), remove and tie off bags once they're full, and replace with another liner to continue foraging.

Your Collapsible Foragers Bag can be lined if foraging for a lot of food at once

 When full, your bag can also be easily removed from your belt by unsnapping two or more snaps. Removing a full bag makes empying the bag much easier.

Unsnap your Collapsible Foragers Bag to remove it and make emptying easier

 To clean your bag, turn it inside out and brush lightly by hand or with a soft bristle brush, wipe with a damp cloth, or run it under water.

Turn your Collapsible Foragers Bag inside out to clean

Folding your Bag

When you're finished foraging, your bag can be folded up to sit discretely on your belt. Follow these steps to fold your bag:

Step 1: Flatten your bag and fold into thids along the long sides.

Flatten to begin the folding process for your Collapsible Foragers Bag
Fold the first third of the bag along the long side
Fold the other third of the bag over the first

Step 2: Fold the bottom of your bag up to the bottom seam of the flip cover.

Fold the bottom of the Collapsible Foragers Bag up to the flip cover seam

Step 3: Fold the top of your bag down. Fold the canvas bag only, not the leather cover.

Fold the top canvas over the bottom

Step 4: Fold the bottom of the bag and the bottom of the leather cover up.

Fold the bottom canvas and leather up

Step 5: FOld the top of the leather cover down, align the brass snaps, and press to snap together.

Align the snaps and snap closed
Your Collapsible Foragers Bag is a little smaller than a deck of cards when closed

Now you're ready to forage whenever the opportunity strikes! Complete your kit with an XL Universal Knife Sheath and an Opinel Mushroom Knife for even more.

An XL Universal Knife Sheath and an Opinel Mushroom Knife make great additions to your foraging kit
Knife, sheath, and Collapsible Foragers Bag can all fit together on a belt



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