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Handline Starter Kit

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Get started handlining with our most popular reel and our highest-recommended accessories! The Starter Pack features

Everything in the Starter Pack can be stored inside your handline, making this the perfect compact fishing setup to toss into your bag or backpack for your next wilderness fishing adventure. 

Always follow local fishing regulations. Click here to find a fishing license for your state.


Why We Choose Handlining

Handcrafted for a Different Style of Fishing

Daggerfish Handreels are backpack fishing kits that combine a rod, reel, and tackle box into one handcrafted package.

Designed for a simple style of fishing called handlining, these ultra light fishing reels have no moving parts - simply tie on a lure, cast out by hand, and reel back in by hand. 

Easy to learn, convenient to carry, and great for backcountry excursions, Daggerfish Handreels are perfect tools for first-timer fishermen and experienced anglers alike.

A Complete Portabe Fishing Kit

Hollow storage areas inside each reel include the hooks, line, sinkers and lures you need to catch a wild trout. 

Each reel weighs less than 4 oz (110 grams) and meets TSA requirements for carry-on bags, making them the perfect compact fishing kit for campers, backpackers, and travelers.

Whether you’re tossing it into your luggage, backpack, kayak or glove box, the Daggerfish can help you turn any trip into a fishing trip.

Handmade in America, Guaranteed for a Lifetime

Made from solid domestic hardwoods, natural cork, and lead-free tackle, each Daggerfish is hand-turned, sanded, finished and packed by individual craftsmen in our Pennsylvania workshop.

Every order bears a signature of approval, and all of our products are backed by our For a Lifetime Guarantee: if anything goes wrong, we'll fix it or replace it.

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