Axe-Handle Hickory

Axe-Handle Hickory
Axe-Handle Hickory
Axe-Handle Hickory
Axe-Handle Hickory
Axe-Handle Hickory
Axe-Handle Hickory
Handsome Hickory Handreels for Backpack Fishing

Hickory is one tough mother of a wood species. No other commercially-available wood can match its combination of strength, toughness, hardness, and stiffness. Used over the centuries for things ranging from baseball bats to wheel spokes to the earliest airplanes, Hickory is now most commonly used for making tool handles, especially for axes. 

My dad was a big influence for me in starting this business, and in honor of Father's Day, I'm proud to make a limited release of Axe-Handle Hickory handreels available from now until June 30. These strong and solid backpack fishing kits are perfect for dads, granddads, uncles, brothers, and heck, moms and sisters too.

Each kit comes with 30 yards of 6-lb copolymer fishing line, a lead-free tackle kit, and a wooden hand reel with 3.8 cubic inches of built-in storage space.

Want an upgrade? You can add-on a Leather Reel Cover for just $5. Or, through the month of June, you can also select to receive a Hickory Handreel in both our Fish & Forage and Catch & Cook kits!  

See all the features of the Daggerfish:


Find peace in the remote wilderness, experience the thrill of going one-on-one with your catch, and feel the satisfaction of a meal pulled straight from a mountain stream.

A Complete Portable Fishing Kit

Combining a rod, reel, and tackle box all in one, each handreel comes with 30 yards of 6-lb fishing line and a lead-free tackle kit, including hooks, sinkers, rubber grubs, and a float from Trout Magnet. With everything you need included, you can take your Daggerfish straight from the box to the wilderness and be fishing in no time.

Extra Storage for Advanced Techniques

Hand line fishing is a simple way to fish, with plenty of room for more advanced techniques. Storage areas in the reel and handle give you the space to pack additional tackle and other essentials, so you can carry topwater lures for spin fishing or subsurface flies for fly fishing.  

Ultra Light and Adventure Ready  

Weighing less than 5 oz and under 10 inches in length, the Daggerfish is the perfect backpacking fishing kit for thru-hikers and explorers. It also meets TSA requirements for carry-on bags, so whether you’re tossing it into your day pack, bike bag, kayak, or glovebox, the Daggerfish is the travel fishing rod that can go with you, no matter where you’re going.

Handcrafted in the USA, and Guaranteed For a Lifetime  

Every handreel we make is made by hand from domestic hardwood. A single craftsman cuts, turns, finishes, and ships your handreel to you, and every order bears their signature of approval. All products are backed by our For a Lifetime Guarantee: if anything goes wrong, we'll fix it or replace it.

Every One Unique

Our product photos represent the "average" characteristics of the wood and finishing techniques we use for each piece. Your handreel will have its own distinct grain pattern and character, making it completely unique to you.

Easy to use, ultra lightweight and extremely portable, Daggerfish Handreels are the finest way for both newcomers and experienced anglers alike to go fish deep in the backcountry.