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Great Catches from our Community

We're proud to be a part of the journey for the campers and anglers in our community.
Share your own adventures with us at @daggerfishgear!

@abelhadesigns, NC

Caught a 12" brown trout on your hand reel with the wooly bugger lure. Thanks for a great product!


@hobo_handliner, PA

Love this product. Panfish in my pond love it as do young bass. Can’t wait to take her to the backcountry this fall!!



Featured Community Videos

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@karate_fish, OH

I got my reel & kit today and it is absolutely beautiful. You do great work! Thank you!


@dogpacking, PA

My husband described the day he caught a fish with a Daggerfish as the best day of his life -- "Sorry our wedding day," he said.


@d_rich, FL

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